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X Vodafone Connecting for Good Awards

X Vodafone Connecting for Good Awards

GrausTic 2016 Excellence Awards

2016 Excellence Awards

2017 Mejor proyecto Emprendimiento

2017 Mejor proyecto Emprendimiento

2017 II Premios Uninnova Mejor producto

2017 "II Premios Uninnova" Mejor producto

2018 III Premio Cruz Roja Innovación Tecnológica Fines Humanitarios

2018 "III Premio Cruz Roja" Innovación Tecnológica Fines Humanitarios

Innovation to serve people

App&Town Compagnon fulfils the SmartCity concept of using technology to improve the quality of life of citizens, and making of society a place where all people enjoy the same opportunities.

This innovative intelligent guidance system allows people with mild or moderate cognitive disabilities to travel autonomously in public transport, continuously monitored and in a secure manner.

App&Town Compagnon is the evidence of how innovation boosts social inclusion of people with special needs. This new technology is a daily tool which enhances not only the mobility and self-esteem of the end users, but also the quality of life of their families.

Image of group of persons with companion

App&Town Compagnon, the latest technology to benefit the social inclusion and the quality of life of people with disabilities and their environment

Real-time monitoring image

Real-time tracking of the user from end-to-end.

Itinerary tailored to the user image

Customized routes according user’s capabilities and route difficulty.

Automatic checking system image

Continuous Fault Monitoring of the system, battery level, GPS, Mobile Network, Out of Route...

Help button image

“HELP” button always visible, with direct access to the Control Center.

Intuitive and visual application image

Visual, intuitive and user friendly App. Interface fully adaptable to the users’ capabilities allowing multiple choices: Text and images. Audio instructions. Only images

A step towards independence and quality of life...


App&Town Compagnon guides the user travelling autonomously in Public Transport with precise and customized instructions provided by the Mobile App. Improving their mobility, independence,self-esteem and quality of life.

...Of the family

The nearest relatives of the user can also monitor their trip in real time. Having security of knowing at any time their location and being sure that it reaches final destination. Furthermore, in case an incident might arise the Control Center is online to assist the user and/or solve the issue.


App&Town Compagnon is the alternative to adapted transport, easing the social inclusion of people with cognitive disabilities while using the regular public transport system, and freeing resources for other users.